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We use 100% safe & proven methods to boost your following, retweets & favorites.

What our Clients Say

We take great pride in offering value for money whilst not compromising on quality.

Why Social Media Monster?

We only use safe and proven methods of promotion plus we will never ask for your account password.

Our package start from only $2.47 which makes this a cost effective method of social media promotion.

If you are in any way unsatisfied within 30 days of purchase, we will give you a full refund upon request.

If you find another seller that's cheaper we will beat their price! That's our we can beat it promise.

We offer 7 days a week customer support and our team is on standby ready to answer any questions or queries you may have.

We generally over-deliver on all orders placed for example if you order 50 followers we usually deliver 60 so you know you are getting true value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying Followers from Social Media Monster Safe?

Over the past 4 years we have worked with many clients and so far we have never had any complaints regarding banned or suspended accounts. In short the answer is Yes, we provide a safe service.

When will my order begin?

We generally start all orders within 24 to 48 hours of order being placed but sometimes this may be sooner.

How long does delivery take?

Order completion can vary depending on the package you have ordered and the size of the package. If you want more information on delivery time-frames then please feel free to contact us.

Will i lose followers?

This is rare and the main reason we offer over-delivery, Sometimes you may be unfollowed or Twitter may remove any inactive accounts – We also back all of our packages with a 30 day replacement guarantee which you can replenish by getting in touch with us.

Why social media monster and not our competitors?

We have been in this industry for almost 5 years, offer a full 30 days money back promise and 7 days a week customer support which helps eliminate any risk on your part.

How much do our package cost?

We aim to deliver a top notch service at rock bottom prices and our prices start from only $2.47 for 50 twitter followers which makes our methods of promotion extremely cost effective.

Will i have to follow other twitter users?

Absolutely not! Unless you chose to do so you will not be required to follow any other twitter users.

Will your followers unfollow me after a few weeks?

It is extremely unlikely but we over deliver in case you do get any unfollows for example we will generally over-deliver by 10% of the purchased amount.

Do you require my account logins?

No, We will never ask you for any of your social media login details and do not require them to complete your order – We will simply ask you for the link where you want your order delivered.

How do i place an order?

  1. Select a package that suites your needs
  2. Enter your name, email & page URL or username
  3. We will process and deliver your order!

Do you offer larger/custom packages?

If you require a larger or custom package we may be able to cater for you – Get in touch with us using the contact us page and we will do our best to match your needs.

Do you offer any bulk order discounts?

Depending on your requirements & quantities we may be able to offer you a bulk order discount. You can make a request by contacting us via the contact page but please be sure to include your requirements clearly so we can make a quick decision.

Were you previously named Buy Twitter Love?

Yes, We were previously named buy twitter love. But then decided to re brand and move over to

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Don’t leave it to chance – Use the professionals.

10 Reasons You Should Buy From Social Media Monster?

Why Speech Bubble

  1. Our pricing is competitive, and we promise to beat anyone offering a like for like package.
  2. Our support is top quality and 7 days a week for new and existing customers.
  3. We generally start all orders within 24 hours of purchase being made.
  4. We offer a 30 day money back promise whereas if you are unhappy at all we will give you a full refund upon request.
  5. We over-deliver on all packages usually by around 10% more.
  6. We offer a replacement and top up promise on every follower’s package.
  7. We have been working in social marketing for years now.
  8. We want you to be happy and make sure there’s little risk on your part by offering guarantee’s.
  9. We keep the order process simple and easy.
  10. we also offer bulk order discounts for bigger purchases.


Can i buy YouTube subscribers, YouTube views, Soundcloud plays, Instagram followers & Google plus from you?

We currently sell a variety of social media marketing services which include: Twitter followers, retweets and favorites, YouTube views, Instagram followers & Facebook likes. However, we do not sell Google Plus, Instagram likes & Soundcloud plays at the moment but we may consider this in the near future.


Is growing your twitter following easy with us?

We offer a simple and cost-effective solution where all you have to do is place your order and give us a link. We take care of the rest and deliver your bought followers where you requested.


Can i buy UK twitter followers from social media monster?

Yes but please be sure to get in touch with us before placing an order so we can deliver UK twitter followers instead of the default global ones.


Is there any benefit of buying a twitter marketing campaign here?

Growing your twitter following can be a scary task and takes a huge amount of time and effort. But having a larger targeted audience to get your message across to can really help you or your business flourish. If you choose to increase your twitter followers with social media monster we will take the headache away. We offer a simple to use service and if you choose us to be your social media manager you will not be disappointed. We are so certain of it we even offer a 100% moneyback guarantee for 30 days.


Social Media Monster VS Some Competitors?

We have listed some of the pros and cons of buying followers, likes & views below which we think you may find surprising.

Social Media Monster:

  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days after purchase
  • Our delivery is almost instant delivery and orders generally begin within hours
  • We never ask for your account password and do not require it
  • We used a mixture of safe promotion methods when increasing your twitter following
  • Are support is real people and not robots
  • We over deliver on all packages by around 10%
  • We can boost your followers on Twitter
  • We offer 30 days replacement guarantees for followers


Social Media Monster and Competitors:

  • Paying for followers sometimes holds a certain stigma
  • We offer a 30 days retention guarantee on all packages


Some Competitors:

  • Some of our competitors only offer real looking followers and not actual genuine followers
  • Some people buy fake followers that are sold by other services and businesses
  • Some companies online want your twitter account password (we never ask for this)
  • Some of our competitors may not give you the full amount of followers you paid for (under delivery)
  • Some services may ask you to follow people back to gain followers
  • Some services sell low engagement twitter followers


Is It Right to Buy Followers or Not?

This is indeed a topic that has been up for discussion for quite a while now and it brings in a mixture of  different opinions from many people.

We are firm believers that you shouldn’t pass judgement on something at least until you have given it a try yourself first. This is why we offer a free package so you can try us out first.

Although we should add buying followers is not something that every single person likes to do, and we are more than happy to give help, advice and information out to anyone who is in doubt about buying followers and/or using our marketing services. Please feel free to get in touch with us with any concerns you have before you place an order, so we can discuss it properly.


Some Facts & Information

We are living in a digital age and social media is becoming more and more popular by the day with websites like Twitter reaching record highs in relation to the amount of monthly active users. According to Statista Twitter reached 330 million active monthly users in the 3rd quarter of 2017 which is an outstanding amount of users.

With that figure in mind it’s easy to see the potential social media can offer to individuals, businesses, celebrities and artists around the world who are looking to get their brand, service or name out their.

Increasing your reputation on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram is an important thing to do and could help with any advertising campaigns you plan for in the future.

We aim to provide an affordable and quality service for anyone looking to increase Twitter followers, Twitter Retweets and Twitter Favorites.

Twitter is currently ranked the 4th largest social network online as of today (1st February 2018). And according to Recode Twitter’s daily active user growth has increased a whopping 14% in the 3rd quarter of 2017 alone with these figures in mind it looks like Twitter is not going anywhere soon and looks to be a promising place for businesses, brands, celebrities and individuals alike.