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The Importance of Establishing Your Brand Online Via Social Media

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Did you know that seventy-four percent of consumers depend on social networking platforms in order to decide which goods and services to buy? The world has changed and consumers who are addicted to social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, definitely rely on these channels to gather information about new and established companies.

To put things in perspective, let’s consider the reach of these three big social media platforms. Two billion people use Facebook each month, while three hundred and twenty-eight million people use Twitter monthly. Instagram, which is image-centric and experiencing rapid growth, now has seven hundred million users per month. These monthly user numbers are huge. They underscore the popularity of social media and the importance of promoting companies and personal brands via social media.

If you’re not sending a powerful and positive brand message via social media, you’re failing to market where marketing is needed the most!


How to Build a Brand on Social Media

Social Icons and BrandThe essence of branding is creating a unique image for a company and/or product, which becomes familiar in the minds of consumers, due to ads and marketing techniques which feature a consistent theme.

Branding is about making a company and/or product (or service) stand out in the marketplace. Good branding will attract and retain clients.

Social media is a perfect place to send a strong brand message. Social media platforms offer entrepreneurs instant access to massive pools of consumers. As well, these platforms may be used free of charge.

Building up your social media following is a vital part of getting your brand name and message out there. Earlier this month we covered ways to grow your following on twitter by using twitter videos. As well as how to start trending using hashtags on twitter. It’s worth checking those posts out if you are promoting your brand on Twitter especially.

Paid ads for each social media interface are also available. Some entrepreneurs stick with free promotion. Others augment their free postings and interactions by paying for ads!

In general, paid ads at the biggest platforms are a good investment. They may be customized to appeal to specific demographics. They may also be customized based on a host of other criteria. Basically, you’ll be able to set up a paid ad campaign which goes straight to the news feeds of your “ideal customers”. To get the most branding power from a paid ad campaign, use sales data and other information (such as data gleaned from emails from customers and phone chats with customers) in order to determine who buys from you.

What is the median average age of your customer? What is the median average income level? What are the interests of your customers? Do they tend to come from a specific location or locations? Are they male or female? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to set the right parameters for your paid social media ads.

Your ads should be aimed at the types of people who are likely to buy what you sell. A targeted approach is typically the most successful approach. Using this type of approach will boost the odds of good ROI (return on investment) from a paid ads campaign.


A Great Video About Building a Brand on Social Media


Get the Edge on Your Competitors

Your competitors may be promoting on social media. If your rivals promote successfully on these platforms, and your company doesn’t do the same, they may take away a lot of vital market share in a particular niche! Firms (or personal brands) which master the art and science of branding on social media definitely have a significant edge! The hard work that they do while posting on the world’s premier social media platforms almost always pays off .

Driving more sales is the number one reason to establish your brand online via social media. However, it’s not the only reason…


Online Branding Offers Tangible Benefits

One key benefit is more Web traffic. Over three-quarters of online marketers believe that social media branding initiatives boost website traffic. Social media is a direct conduit to virtual storefronts. If you don’t brand on social media, your audience will be limited to those who are already aware of your company or those who utilize keywords in order to find companies like yours. When you establish a strong presence online, you’ll boost interest, send a consistent branding message via many different channels and enjoy more website traffic.

As well, your search engine rankings should improve. Social signals have become a powerful way to boost Google rankings and rankings at other popular search engines (Bing, Microsoft Edge, Yahoo, etc.). When you promote via social media, you’ll send social signals to search engines which make your brand appear more credible, helpful and trustworthy. If you want to get on the first page of search engine results for your preferred keywords, social media branding will inch you closer to your goal.

In addition, using social media branding techniques will be an excellent way to turn sales leads into paying customers. You’ll find it simple to connect with your target demographics in a personal way which builds rapport and trust. Social media promotions have been proven to offer a lead-to-close rate which is one hundred percent higher than marketing of the outbound type.

Also, social media promotion will give you the opportunity to learn a lot about the interests of your customers. It’s also a platform for delivering customer service in a direct and rapid manner.


Plan Your Social Media Branding Campaign Today

Getting your brand on Social media is essential. It doesn’t need to cost money, although investing some marketing dollars in paid ads is often very cost-effective. Now that you know more about the myriad advantages of branding via social media platforms, why not create a consistent marketing campaign which you may run across a host of social networking platforms?


  • 28th January 2018

    Hugh Sellers

    A friend of mine is a screenwriter and he opened my eyes to the power of social media. Think about it, a free platform that reaches a ridiculous number of potential customers awaits anyone willing to take the time to learn how to use it. This has never been a better time to work for yourself. Great article.