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Improve Your Twitter Marketing Campaign with Our Expert Tips

Twitter Marketing Laptop, Tablet and Phone

If you’re promoting your company or personal brand on Twitter and you want to get more from this popular social media platform, which recently bumped up the maximum character limit for each tweet from one hundred and forty to two hundred and eighty, you’ll appreciate our expert tips. We are here to show you two of the most effective marketing strategies, both of which are very easy to implement.

First, let’s talk about the size and scope of this “short-form” social networking platform. Twitter is a great place to showcase a brand and learning more about Twitter (including how to shine at the platform), will help you to move your company forward with each and every tweet that you post!


Fun Facts About Twitter

Twitter is a great place to promote. The platform attracts the types of customers that you want to find! For example, 54% of Twitter users earn over $50,000 a year. Since there are three hundred and twenty-eight million people using the platform this year, it’s a conduit to a huge pool of consumers. Sixty-seven million people in the USA rely on Twitter for education, entertainment and engagement with other users.

Twitter racked up six hundred and sixteen million bucks in revenue during the last quarter of 2016. Three hundred and seventy-four million dollars came from ad revenue from American customers.

Twitter is now valued at a staggering sixteen billion dollars!


How to Make a Splash at Twitter

Twitter SplashingOne of the smartest ways to optimize the value of your Twitter presence is to connect with Twitter influencers in your niche. Influencers are popular Twitter users who have tons of followers. They may be famous off of the platform or not. Use the Web to research relevant people in your niche and then track them down at Twitter. Follow them and then hope that they follow you back.

We covered how to leverage the power of Twitter influencers in this article last month. So, it’s probably worth checking it out if you want more information.

Social media influencers are a big deal these days. If you’re able to connect with a relevant influencer and interact with them at the platform, you’ll dramatically expand your reach at Twitter.

For example, if you’re selling makeup or work as a makeup artist, connecting with a Twitter influencer who is also in the makeup business (@kandeejohnson is just one example; she has hundreds of thousands of followers who also love makeup) will be an excellent way to put your business in front of the influencer’s myriad followers.

If an influencer interacts with you on Twitter or retweets something that you’ve posted, you’ll get a free ad which goes out to the types of customers that you want to attract.

To get the attention of influencers and other prospective followers, we recommend adding niche-relevant hashtags (one or two should be enough) to everything that you post at Twitter.


Embrace the Potential of Live Broadcasting

One of the hottest trends in social media marketing is live streaming video. It’s used at YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in order to build a buzz and spark engagement. Twitter now offers an app which allows its users to do live broadcasts. The app is powered by Periscope. When you use the app to broadcast live, you’ll be able to switch between live streaming and tweets in a smooth and seamless manner.

We recommend doing live broadcasts from special events or introducing new products via a live broadcast. You may also want to do some interviews with customers or experts in your niche. One of the most effective ways to foster plenty of engagement while live streaming is to give viewers a sneak peek into your business operation. Taking people behind the scenes will definitely get you noticed.

Lots of followers on Twitter is a good thing. However, the most important metric for success at this platform is engagement. People should be reacting to what you post on Twitter and sharing it via the platform, or at other platforms. Live videos are a hot trend and they do make engagement easy.

Video marketing is amazingly effective. Videos don’t have to be long. Most are actually two minutes long or shorter. Overall, statistics show that forty-three percent of people want more video content from companies/personal brands. Almost fifty-two percent of marketing experts believe that video is the marketing strategy which offers the most ROI (return on investment).


Use These Practical Tips Today

When you connect with relevant influencers and use live video to get people excited about your Twitter profile (and your company or personal brand), you will be employing two of the most modern and impressive Twitter marketing techniques.

So, why not put them both into action today?