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How to Start Trending Using Hashtags On Twitter

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According to Twitter’s powers-that-be, Twitter hashtags are utilized in order to classify tweets via keywords. People add the “#” symbol (this is the hashtag symbol!) before relevant phrases or keywords, or a single keyword, in order to ensure that their Tweets are categorized.

When Twitter users do add hashtags, their Tweets show up in Twitter searches more easily. If you decide to click on or tap a word which is “hashtagged” (which is found within a Twitter message), you’ll see more Tweets with the same hashtags.

Now that we’ve defined Twitter hashtags (and we suspect that you already know exactly what they are!), let’s move forward and talk about the best ways to start trending using hashtags on Twitter!


Leverage the Power of Influencers

Influence Is Power on Road SignInfluencers hold the Twitter social media platform together. They offer tidbits which excite other Twitter users and inspire plenty of interesting engagement. Without influencers, conversations on Twitter just can’t happen! People who are able to excel within Twitter’s social sphere become influential.

To leverage the power of Twitter influencers, you should be focused on tempting these Twitter “VIPs” to use your hashtags.

There are different ways to tempt influencers. One is to quote the influencer and then add the hashtag that you are trying to trend for. The hashtag should be relevant to the quote in some way.

Another option is citing the data of an influencer and then adding the hashtag.

When you use one of these strategies, the influencer may be flattered and may retweet your Tweet. This means that plenty of people who follow the influencer on Twitter will see it in their own Twitter timelines. The influencer may also respond to your Tweet and add your hashtag to his or her response.

You may be friends or colleagues with influencers. If you are, DM (direct message) influencers and politely ask them to use your hashtag. While you may not get a “yes” every time, most influencers are proud of the power that they wield and will be flattered that they are asked to use new hashtags.

Don’t repeatedly pester an influencer, via Tweets or DMs. If you get a “no”, respect it and try to find another influencer who will play along.

In general, hashtags will not start trending unless there is a big and simultaneous push, from a few to several influencers, for many moments. The influencers band together by producing tweets which feature the hashtag. This is the way that most hashtags begin to become popular enough to land on the “trending” list.

Experts recommend trying to get a hashtag trending during the week, rather than on weekends. Do it during typical business hours, unless there is a special event in the evening which ties into your hashtag. Late-night campaigns occasionally work, but there are typically most successful when the goal is to trend in single countries, rather than globally!

To find out more information about connecting with influencers on twitter you should considering reading this article. We found it to be useful in respect to finding industry leading influencers and is definitely worth reading in your spare time.


Aim Your Hashtag At Your Target Audience

Group of cartoon people with text reading target audienceThe relevance of a hashtag is something that you should be very concerned with. Your hashtag needs to speak to the interests, passions and lifestyle of your “ideal customers”. Whether you’re promoting a corporate or personal brand, you need to know who you’re selling to. Understanding your “ideal customer” is the backbone of effective Web marketing. Online entrepreneurs who don’t really understand their target audiences tend to miss the mark while trying to trend on Twitter.

When you create a new hashtag, the people who will see it first will be your followers. So naturally it’s better to have a bigger following to give your tweet a better shot at going viral. If you already have a large following then there is nothing to worry about but if your following is small then it may be worth buying more followers. Also in order to make the hashtag popular, it will have to be of interest to the people who read your Tweets every single day and night. So, choose a topic which is relevant to your audience or potential clients.


Develop an Understanding of Twitter’s Algorithm

Every social media platform has its own algorithm for calculating trending topics, hashtags and internal search engine results. Knowing what the Twitter algorithm is all about (an algorithm is a group of rules or processes which is followed during calculations or other operations for solving problems) will help you to use it to best advantage.

First off, don’t add profane words to your posts. Avoid words which are abusive, too. Also, you should know that Twitter’s algorithm gives topics which weren’t popular in the past more priority. However, it’s ok to try to trend for a topic which was once popular and has experienced a new surge of popularity, as long as the new surge in popularity comes from a different group of Twitter users.

Another way to get the most from Twitter’s algorithm is to create more than five hundred tweets within the first sixty minutes of trying to trend for a hashtag. It’s also important to get a lot of people tweeting about it.

Most savvy online entrepreneurs utilize keyword research in order to devise the best hashtags. They then take this information and target that keyword on twitter.


This video highlights the top 10 most used hashtags on twitter


Plan Your Hashtag Strategy Today

Today, we’ve shared some facts which will help you to get better results from hashtag-based Twitter promotion. We believe that following our tips will empower you as an online entrepreneur. We recommend using every tip here. However, all of them will work on their own.

When you use our tips, you’ll find that getting good ROI from the time and energy that you invest in Twitter-based Web marketing is much easier than it used to be!