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How to Make Use of Twitter Cards for Business Promotion

Twitter Cards

If you want to get better results from Twitter marketing (and Web marketing in general!), you’ll greatly benefit from learning how to use Twitter cards for business promotion. For those of you that do not know these cards are an amazing marketing tool. When you use Twitter cards, you’ll be able to add media experiences, videos and photos, all of which will help you to drive more visitors to your business website.

Also, it’s really easy to create these cards.

You probably already understand how Twitter works. It allows users to post Tweets with a maximum length of 280 characters. However, you may not know what Twitter cards offer and how to use them.

When you do understand these cards (and then use them!), you’ll be able to get new people interested in your company or personal brand.


Do Twitter Cards Cost Money?

Money Notes and CoinsThe majority of Twitter cards are free to use (there are four free styles to choose from, which are the Summary Card (thumbnail, description and title), the Summary Card with Large Image (all of the features of the basic Summary Card, plus an image which is featured prominently), the App Card (which a download of a mobile app which is direct) and the Player Card (it displays audio/video/media).

There is also a Lead Generation Card. It was added to the lineup afterwards and it will cost you money. When you pay for a Lead Generation Card (LGC), you’ll get a form which may be attached to your Tweet. The form will give your followers the option of sending you their contact details directly, just by clicking one button within Twitter. You won’t be able to use these cards unless you’re a Twitter advertiser who has a valid credit card.

The bad news is that the Lead Generation Cards are no longer available as of February, 2017. So, it’s probably best to use the free options now.


How to Use These Cards

Twitter Card LayoutThe process of creating Twitter cards is simple and takes just a few easy steps. To begin, log into your Twitter account. Then, select the type of card that you prefer. Next, create a Meta Tag which corresponds. The third step is testing the URL by using Twitter’s validator tool. This step is important, as it will allow you to see whether or not your card functions well and looks good.

It’s also possible to preview Twitter cards by hitting the “preview card” button.

If you want to perform activation of a Player Card, you will need an extra step, which is requesting approval for whitelisting. With the other three card types, this step won’t be needed.

After you test and/or validate your card, tweet its URL. When you do, you’ll see the card within the Tweet. Once you’ve got a new card posted to Twitter, you’ll be able to track the progress of the card via Twitter Analytics.

As you start making these cards, you’ll find that the process of card creation is something which may be completed quickly. Your Twitter Cards will turbo-charge your Tweets!


2 Examples of Twitter Cards

Below we have shown two examples of twitter cards and how they can be used.


The player card – This Card Displays Your Multimedia

The player card is especially useful if you want to show a video that embedded in a tweet. This feature is similar to embedding a YouTube video.


The App card – Promote Your App

The app card is a fantastic way to promote your apple or android apps.


Techniques That Boost Engagement

a Man Sat on a Speeding RocketThese cards are very useful for business promotion. They create more variety visually and this means that they are more appealing. The type of appeal that is generated by Twitter cards leads to extra views, followers, engagement and sales.

Of course this is not the only way to get more expsoure on twitter but it is certainly a good method. We recently wrote about buying twitter followers and trending with hashtags which are both great ways to help your tweets, multimedia and twitter cards get even more exposure.

If you want to cut through the flood of text, you’ll find that these cards work wonders. Also, when you use the cards, you’ll grab more valuable “real estate” via the feeds of your followers.

One hot tip is to use these cards during Twitter conversations. Contact which is one-to-one is proven to spark the highest conversion rates. This is why sharing a Twitter card which is relevant with someone that you’re conversing with at Twitter may just be the key to unlocking a brand-new sale.

Also, if you’ve created Facebook Ads in the past, you should know that Facebook and Twitter Cards are quite similar. This means that you’ll be able to use your techniques for crafting effective Facebook ads, too. If you’ve never made Facebook Ads, look for tips on how to create good ones online and then use the tips to make your Twitter cards. There are more Facebook ad creation tips out there than Twitter Card creation tips. As a general rule of thumb, you should add text, a picture, a link preview and a call to action to every Twitter Card.

Also, your copy should be very impressive. It should compel the viewer to learn more about your company or personal brand.

The quality of your images will also matter a lot. Be sure that your image renders completely. Nothing should be cropped out and it should display perfectly, in its entirety, in the feed.


Start Using Twitter Cards Today

Marketing via Twitter is a learning process. Most online entrepreneurs don’t figure it all out on their first days. When you begin experimenting with Twitter Cards, you’ll find that the learning curve is short and that the benefits are significant. For many ambitious entrepreneurs, Twitter Cards are the final pieces of the Twitter marketing puzzle!

Use Twitter Analytics to track the success of your new Twitter Cards campaigns. Cards which are a big hit may then become templates for future Twitter Cards.

Now that you have the inside scoop on how to make use of Twitter Cards for business promotion, why not create one or more of them today?