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Use Twitter Videos to Grow Follower Numbers and Spark Engagement

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If you’re an online entrepreneur, you should know that leveraging your Twitter presence will help you to build your brand, find new sales leads and increase conversions. Twitter is a superb platform for brand promotion and lead generation. It’s world-renowned as the preferred digital platform of people who want to talk about brands and learn about brands.

At present, Twitter has a character limit of 280 per tweet (the limit was raised from 140 characters on November 7th, 2017), so entrepreneurs often need to get creative in order to get their brand messages across.

To get around the brevity that is part and parcel of Twitter (the short character count tends to be a bit restrictive from a marketing standpoint), a lot of entrepreneurs are creating and posting Twitter videos. They add the videos to their tweets to make them more interesting and enticing.

Twitter currently has 328 million active users. They post a whopping five hundred million Tweets per day! Clearly, there is a huge pool of prospective customers at the platform. 100 million of the 328 million active users log onto Twitter each and every day. These prospective customers need to be charmed into following new companies or personal brands. Twitter videos work wonders in terms of getting the attention of Twitter users. They make Tweets rich, multi-dimensional and so easy to digest.

People who use the social networking platform love to enter into the Twitter “conversation”. They also enjoy learning about people and brands and gathering information which helps them to decide how to spend their money!

Twitter videos helps online entrepreneurs to reach new people. They spark engagement in a real and meaningful way.

When you do your utmost to make a positive and significant impact at Twitter, which launched in San Francisco in March of 2006, you’ll be making a smart Web marketing decision! Today, we want to let you know why Twitter videos are so effective in terms of boosting follower numbers and sparking engagement. We also want to let you know how these videos work…and how to use them to best effect.

If you want more reach from Twitter, these videos will definitely help you to achieve your goal.


Hard Facts About Twitter Videos

Now, let’s get into the basics. It’s actually quite simple to share these videos, so you’ll find that the learning curve is blissfully short. Right now, you may share your videos in one of four ways.


  • The First Method: The first way is to record a video, edit it and share it right inside of the Twitter app. There is a Twitter app for the iPhone/iPad and a Twitter app for Android.
  • The Second Method: The second option is to import. When you use the app for iPhone/iPad, you’ll be able to import your videos right from your own device.
  • The Third Method: The third option is to upload. You may upload your videos directly to the platform.
  • The Fourth Method: The fourth option is going live. To create a live video, go to the official Twitter website and find the article, “creating live videos on Twitter”. You’ll get full instructions. Live, video-based marketing is really hot right now, because it hits the target with social media users. So, you should definitely give this method of sharing video on Twitter a try! It’s not hard to get started with it, although there will be a few steps to follow at the start. You’ll be able to get the hang of it rapidly. When you do, you’ll add a valuable new marketing tool to your Web marketing “arsenal”.



Some Twitter video information you may find useful:

  • Tweets with videos are everywhere these days. Fifty percent more Twitter users are adding videos to tweets, versus figures for the beginning of 2016.
  • Videos must be 140 seconds long or less and must be recorded in .mp4 or .mov file format. For more information on video guidelines on twitter visit this page on the twitter support website.

Now that you know how these videos are created and how to share them, let’s focus on how to make them as “high impact” as possible!


How to Add Premium Impact

Social Impact Button Being ClickedWe recommend promoting specific products that you offer via your Twitter videos. For example, if you’re planning on launching something new, or reviewing a product, you’ll benefit from making a “teaser” video and “tweeting” it to your followers. Doing this before the launch will be such an easy and effective way to build a buzz!

As well, we think that utilizing videos in order to add value to your Twitter Ads will be a wise Web marketing gambit. Some entrepreneurs create product catalogs, which allow followers to view entire product collections. If you want to make a catalog as engaging as possible, consider a themed approach. Your theme should gel with your brand identity. When it does, recall will be enhanced. To cite an example, find a theme, such as focusing on the stylishness of your products and then show them off with videos that reinforce their value as fashionable items!.

Aside from promoting your items, you may utilize your Twitter videos in order to help your followers learn. We love “how to” Twitter videos. How-to’s tend to get a lot of interest. People enjoy learning how to do things and short Twitter videos help them to learn in no time flat. As well, video-style infographics make it simple to offer a lot of data in just one tweet. If you want to, you’ll be able to connect tweets to content which is longer, including blog posts. Do so when you have more practical and interesting information to share.


Craft Videos With the Right Features

Twitter Video CraftingWe’ve talked about why these videos are useful and how they are made and shared. We’ve also discussed some of the best ways to use them for promotional purposes, with a mind to growing follower numbers and enhancing engagement. Now, let’s talk about how to craft Twitter videos that have all of the right features.

First, you should know that optimizing your videos for mobile will be essential. More and more people are viewing video on their mobile devices these days. The number of people who are doing so has actually doubled since 2016. To optimize for mobile, make sure that your videos are short. Also, be certain that mobile users will be able to understand them when they are enjoyed in “silent mode”. So many mobile device owners watch videos in this mode, because it’s very discreet.

Now, think about video orientation. It will be an important factor in terms of mobile optimization. Viewers should be able to enjoy your videos on Twitter without needing to re-position their mobile devices. This is why we think that square videos are the right choice. The look great, regardless of mobile device position.

Now, let’s think about audio. Bear in mind that Twitter will mute your audio track during the few few seconds. So, visuals for the first few seconds matter the most. Pretend you’re making a silent film. After you have the visuals figured out, move forward by planning when to add audio to the video. With regard to video overlays, they should be big enough to read with ease, without blocking important video elements.

Another way to enhance video storytelling at Twitter is to add a relevant and descriptive hashtag. The hashtag serves a dual purpose. It helps the viewer to gain a deeper understanding of the video’s content and purpose and also helps to gather new viewers.


Time Video Publication to Perfection

Perfect Timing Clock and Fingers ShapedAlso, bear in mind that videos on Twitter will play directly in the timelines of your followers. To grab their attention fast, be sure to create videos which are very exciting during the first few seconds. What you need to do is get your followers to stop scrolling through their timelines. You need to persuade them to view your entire video. Some entrepreneurs utilize captions or overlays in order to make storytelling more effective.

When you publish your video also matters. Most experts conclude that posting videos while major events are happening is a good way to ride a crest of Twitter traffic. To find out what’s happening in the future, utilize Twitter’s “Events” tab, which is located on the page for Twitter Analytics. It will help you to find out which events you’re able to join. Examples of events include National Taco Day, big football finals and huge conferences (SXSW, TED Talks, Comic Cons, etc.).

Good timing is important! When you time it just right, you’ll boost the odds of great “ROI” from your Twitter video. Your hard work will pay off fast!


Try Our Sensible Tips Today

Try it nowWe know that you want to achieve your personal best as an online entrepreneur. To do so, you’ll need to commit to education and evolution. You can’t afford to rest on your laurels or get complacent. The most successful entrepreneurs keep growing their companies by discovering the hottest new Web marketing techniques and then putting them into action. You can do it, too.

Luckily, it’s very simple to make and share these short videos. When you follow our sensible tips, you’ll find that getting new followers is much easier. Also, you may notice a big jump in traffic at your website…as well as a noticeable increase in vital conversions. So, why not start using Twitter videos today?

Taking the advice given in this article could help give your Twitter video a better chance of success. This in turn will help increase the amount of twitter followers you have. On another note a great way to kickstart your twitter video is by buying twitter likes or twitter followers from a trusted marketing company. This would help get your video out to more users and give it a better chance of going viral.


  • 16th December 2017

    Jamie P

    Great article about video marketing on social media. I have personally made a few video’s and also outsourced a few video’s to try and grow my user base and business but it can be hard to get results. There seems to be a lot of trial and error involved in the process and it takes years of experience to get it right.